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"Hello future Hol-Toxers!  Here at Hol-Tox, I always strive to provide the best care and attention for each and every one of my clients.  I would like to share with you some of the things my clients have graciously shared about their Hol-Tox experience."


I had an amazing experience with Hol-Tox. I initially reached out to Leslie because I had been falling short of meeting my daily health and wellness practices/goals. I needed assistance with getting back on track and I also needed to be held accountable for following through. Leslie helped me to understand the barriers I was facing in my holistic wellness journey and devised a plan specifically for me. She maintained consistent and daily contact, which was vital to me following through until I regained the motivation to follow through on my own. Leslie’s knowledge of the human body’s systems needs and deficits are quite extensive. She is highly educated in the use of herbs and has a wonderful way of conveying information to her clients. She is patient, kind, and genuine. She goes above and beyond and it is very clear that she loves doing this!

-Sonya Boyd

Wow! What a change in my life it has been since working with Leslie! I used to live in ignorance eating what I would each day not TRULY understanding how it was affecting me. Over time the things I ate began to take their toll. By my early 30's I just was not feeling right each day, not happy, and not the self I used to know. I would wake each day with aches, pains, etc. and being told different things from various doctors.  After meeting Leslie and my world being opened to other options I was soon ready for change! We began with some easy tweaks to my diet and I drastically noticed a difference! Leslie is a wonderful person to work with, a great listener, and she REALLY knows her stuff!


I reached out to Leslie for help with severe acid reflux.  It was so bad it would wake me up in the middle of the night, and no over-the-counter or prescription medications ever really helped me.  After so many visits to doctors and specialists over the years, I was desperate for real answers.  Leslie talked to me about changing my body's internal chemistry through food.  Within a couple days, my acid reflux was gone!  I can't believe how EASY it was to turn this around after struggling for so long with these symptoms.  I highly recommend working with Leslie and learning about your body's needs and how to turn your health around.  Health is no longer a mystery for me, and I'm so excited to keep using this information to improve my health for years to come!  Thank you Leslie!

-Sue B.

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