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"Hello future Hol-Toxers!  Here at Hol-Tox, I always strive to provide the best care and attention for each and every one of my clients.  I would like to share with you some of the things my clients have graciously shared about their Hol-Tox experience."


Wow! What a change in my life it has been since working with Leslie! I used to live in ignorance eating what I would each day not TRULY understanding how it was affecting me. Over time the things I ate began to take their toll. By my early 30's I just was not feeling right each day, not happy, and not the self I used to know. I would wake each day with aches, pains, etc. and being told different things from various doctors.  After meeting Leslie and my world being opened to other options I was soon ready for change! We began with some easy tweaks to my diet and I drastically noticed a difference! Leslie is a wonderful person to work with, a great listener, and she REALLY knows her stuff!


Hi, my name is Sue.  I reached out to Leslie for help with severe acid reflux.  It was so bad it would wake me up in the middle of the night, and no over-the-counter or prescription medications ever really helped me.  After so many visits to doctors and specialists over the years, I was desperate for real answers.  Leslie talked to me about changing my body's internal chemistry through food.  Within a couple days, my acid reflux was gone!  I can't believe how EASY it was to turn this around after struggling for so long with these symptoms.  I highly recommend working with Leslie and learning about your body's needs and how to turn your health around.  Health is no longer a mystery for me, and I'm so excited to keep using this information to improve my health for years to come!  Thank you Leslie!

-Sue B.

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Taking a holistic
approach to detoxification

"Hol-Tox" is the process of detoxifying the body in a holistic manner through a plant-based diet, herbal protocols, and moderate exercise.
Our mission at Hol-Tox is to provide you better health one plate at a time.

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